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The influence of supplementary health insurance on switching behaviour: evidence from Swiss data

This paper focuses on the switching behaviour of enrolees in the Swiss basic health insurance system. Even though the new Federal Law on Social Health Insurance (LAMal) was implemented in 1996 to promote competition among health insurers in basic insurance, there is limited evidence of premium convergence within cantons,

Cahiers de la Chaire N° 4

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Providing care for an elderly parent : interactions among siblings

This article is focused on children providing and financing long-term care for their elderly parent. The aim of this work is to highlight the interactions that may take place amongst siblings when deciding whether or not to become a caregiver.  Cahiers de la Chaire N° 3

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Asymmetric information and pooling contracts in hospital sector

Most of regulators in health care systems use pooling contracts such that payment do not depend on the level of severity. This policy is motivated by concerns about the moral hazard problem.

Cahiers de la Chaire n°2

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Inequality of Opportunities in Health in France: A First Pass.

 This article analyses the role played by childhood circumstances, especially social and family

background in explaining health status among older adults.. 

Cahiers de la Chaire n°1
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